March 10, 2016: Jewish Federation of Collier County, FL

March 13, 2016: Kaplen JCC on the Palisades, NJ

May 23, 2016: Washington D.C. Hebrew Congregation

An experienced public speaker, Lisa Green has spoken before legal and women’s groups across the country and has lectured at universities including NYU, Princeton, Columbia, University of Maryland, and University of Richmond. Her experience in the field as well as being a trusted commentator on current events makes Green a perfect speaker for a variety of organizations ranging from universities and colleges to corporations, women’s networking group and Jewish groups.


  • For mothers and daughters: the conversations you must have before high school, college, cohabitation and first job.
  • For couples: the legal basics that will make your relationship happy and secure, whether you’re living together, engaged or married.
  • For divorcing couples: sensible approaches to splitting up without scorching the earth.
  • For women in the workplace: navigating office relationships — personal and professional — and attention — wanted or unsolicited — with clear-eyed confidence.
  • For everyone on the web: the Internet rules of the road that will secure your privacy and protect  your reputation and digital assets.
  • For daughters of older parents: unpacking the complicated rules that will help you help Mom (and protect her estate) in her later years.

Here’s a clip of one of Lisa’s recent talks:


And some recent television appearances: