A divorced California couple is battling over the fate of their frozen embryos in court, the latest chapter in a long-running war that this time pits a cancer-stricken would-be mom against both her former husband and a document she signed agreeing to destroy the embryos if the couple split up.

The Los Angeles Times outlines the story here. Notably, the lawyer for the woman, Mimi Lee, told the court Lee didn’t consider the contract binding. She also has offered to waive any future child support obligations from her former spouse, Stephen Findley, but a legal expert consulted by the Times notes that offer has little bearing on the issue before the court.

Readers of this column will remember the Sofia Vergara/Nick Loeb embryo fight (he wants to use them, she doesn’t) but perhaps also this battle in Chicago, where the woman won the ability to use embryos over the objection of her ex-boyfriend. In that instance, the woman also faced a cancer diagnosis. But if that’s a significant factor in court decisions, shouldn’t it be outlined in any agreement between the couple?

For an expert look at these sadly proliferating battles, you can check out this column from The American Society for Reproductive Medicine.


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