There’s an update in the incredible story of the three Michigan kids at the center of a heated custody battle who were sentenced to a juvenile detention center when they refused to join their dad for lunch.

The Detroit Free Press reports that Family Court Judge Lisa Gorocyca has lifted her contempt of court ruling against the kids, allowing them to attend summer camp instead of spending time in a housing facility for kids on the campus of the detention center.

Judge Gorocyca surely was rattled by a firestorm of public reaction, largely negative, to her decision. She defended herself (to my mind, somewhat successfully), noting she had limited alternatives given the inability of the parents to reach a decision (seemingly because of the mother’s intransigence).

Said the judge: “While this court’s remedy in this particular situation may seem drastic and offensive, so too, is the notion … that the only way to maintain a stable and loving connection with the mother is to vilify and reject the father.”

The father’s lawyer said he may try to persuade the judge to grant custody to their dad, which would end a five-year, international battle (dad lives in Israel) over these children, who had to endure the scrutiny of the public on top of their parents’ battle.

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