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On Your Case: paperback pub day

Same great advice; lighter and less $$. Get your copy here:

Farewell to a Champion of Women’s Economic Rights

Lorna Wendt, whose pathbreaking divorce battle for a fair share of her family’s assets jolted C suites across the country, died on February 4, 2016. (The New York Times obituary is here.) I wrote about Lorna’s battle in On Your Case as an admirer of her principled stance in support of corporate wives, a job […]

On Your Case, alumni edition

I had the pleasure of speaking with the Pennsylvania Gazette, my alumni magazine, about On Your Case; here’s the clip. Go Quakers!

MSNBC’s Top 5 Legal Stories of 2015

It was a busy year for legal analysts, and you might be surprised at the story that topped the MSNBC list.    

A Legal Wedding Present For Sofia Vergara?

Actress Sofia Vergara tied the knot on November 22 in Palm Beach. But she may have received an early wedding gift last week from a California judge who ruled in a frozen embryo case that could influence her dispute with ex-boyfriend Nick Loeb, as I explain here:  

Nothing Personal: My Take on the Aunt Who Sued Her Nephew Over a Hug

On, I explain why Jennifer Connell, a loving aunt, sued her adorable 8-year-old nephew, Sean Tarala, and why her legal reasoning fell short. It was reassuring to see her and Sean on Today, where they declared their love for each other and (I hope) calmed a tsunami of web rage about the case.

Sofia Vergara’s Embryo Dispute

My column on Embryo Wars takes on the Sofia Vergara dispute, and looks at three other cases where the women who (unlike Sofia) want to use frozen embryos made with their exes have something else in common. Also, expert advice about couples can avoid this most personal of problems.

Embryo Wars: A New California Dispute

A divorced California couple is battling over the fate of their frozen embryos in court, the latest chapter in a long-running war that this time pits a cancer-stricken would-be mom against both her former husband and a document she signed agreeing to destroy the embryos if the couple split up. The Los Angeles Times outlines the […]

The Cycle Highlights: From High-Tech Failure and Greece to Amy Winehouse

We covered a lot of ground at @thecyclemsnbc, where guests offered insight into this week’s jarring tech problems, the ongoing Greek debt crisis and the marvelous new documentary on the beautiful and doomed Amy Winehouse.

Marriage Equality = More ULC Ministers?

What do Steven Tyler, Joan Rivers and Evan Wolfson (of Freedom to Marry fame) have in common? Ordination in my beloved Universal Life Church, sure to enjoy a popularity boomlet.