Legal Headlines

Yelp Keeps Negative Reviews Anonymous (for now)…

Closing a long-running battle that pitted an aggrieved small businessman against the behemoth of online reviews, the Virginia Supreme Court held that a state court judge could not force Yelp to unmask the identities of seven unhappy reviewers who posted negative comments on the site. Hadeed Carpet Cleaning Inc. sued Yelp, asserting that the negative […]

Two Twins, Two Dads

A New Jersey judge, persuaded by DNA testing, has ruled that a man believed to have fathered twin girls is only responsible for one of them. In what this report calls the first case of its kind in New Jersey, and the third nationwide, a Superior Court judge in Paterson ruled that the man would […]

As Same Sex Marriage Expands, Benefits Change

As we await a Supreme Court ruling that may make same-sex marriage legal across the country this summer, employers are getting ready, making policy changes that require couples who can get married to march down the aisle to maintain benefits. The Wall Street Journal reports that companies like Delta Airlines and Verizon are phasing out benefits […]

A Passion That Could Not Be Spiked … And A Lesson About Web Photos

The author who grabbed a random photo of a happy couple in love to illustrate the cover of what turned out to be a notorious, New England Patriots-themed erotic novel has found herself in legal hot water. Author Lacey Noonan (understandably using a pseudonym) has been sued by the couple depicted in the photo, who […]

Workplace Dating Tips for Glamour Magazine

I spoke to Glamour magazine (great May cover!) about the perils of workplace dating. N.B.: I’m not an employment lawyer, as Glamour reports, but my advice holds: tread carefully. Read more here.

Somber Anniversary For A Famous End Of Life Case

March 31 marks the 10th anniversary of the death of Terri Schiavo, the severely brain-damaged Florida woman who sparked a pitched nationwide battle over whether she could be removed from life support. Terri’s husband won the right to remove her feeding tube in 2003, after which then-Governor (and soon-to-be likely presidential candidate) Jeb Bush signed a […]

Remarriage On The Rise

Data collected by our United States Census Bureau yields fascinating insight into the states of our unions — and new information indicates that more of us should consider prenups. In “Remarriage in the United States,” the Census Bureau reports that between 1996 and 2008-2012, the share of Americans who had married two times or more […]

Facebook Bans Revenge Porn

Following closely behind rival social media sites like Twitter and Reddit, Facebook has banned revenge porn, which the site defines as “images shared in revenge or without permissions from the people in the images.”

Prenups for Powerful Newlyweds

The Wall Street Journal identifies a category of couples who should consider prenups: those who each have assets and successful careers along with children from prior marriages. So smart, in my view, to set down your thoughts about providing for your children, but also your new spouse, through a fresh look at your finances before […]

Pet Wars: Who Should Get Custody Of Cash?

The tabloids can’t resist pet custody stories, and readers of On Your Case know I share their fascination. Judges are averse to deciding these cases, and courts often look at pets as property rather than beloved members of a disintegrating family. Still, a pet owner can take steps to ensure she keeps Fluffy should the relationship […]