Legal Headlines

Custody “Jailing” Update, and Some Wise Words From The Judge

There’s an update in the incredible story of the three Michigan kids at the center of a heated custody battle who were sentenced to a juvenile detention center when they refused to join their dad for lunch. The Detroit Free Press reports that Family Court Judge Lisa Gorocyca has lifted her contempt of court ruling against […]

Astonishing Custody Call: Detaining Kids Who Won’t Lunch With Dad

Thank you to a devoted FB follower for calling this astonishing story to my attention: a Michigan judge has ordered three kids, aged 9-14, at the center of a heated custody battle to spend their summer in a juvenile detention center after they refused to obey her order to eat lunch with their dad. Sounds […]

Marriage Equality = More ULC Ministers?

What do Steven Tyler, Joan Rivers and Evan Wolfson (of Freedom to Marry fame) have in common? Ordination in my beloved Universal Life Church, sure to enjoy a popularity boomlet.

Speaking of Marriage

Planning to wed? Mazel tov! #lovewins and so will you and your betrothed with a little planning:

Justin Bieber Faces Copyright Claim

Readers of On Your Case know of my deep affection for Justin Bieber — not his music, necessarily, but his endless, and instructive, run ins with the law. The intersection of his immense stardom and his … sometimes ill-considered decisions have made him almost a one-young-man teaching tool for topics that range from criminal behavior […]

Texas Grants Same-Sex Divorce, But Not Same-Sex Marriage (Yet)

Just days before the United States Supreme Court rules on a case that may make same-sex marriage legal throughout the land, the highest court (for civil cases) in Texas decided a same-sex couple could divorce there, despite the state’s constitutional ban on same-sex marriage. The decision ends four years of waiting for the couple, Angelique […]

Adoption Joy

Who says law can’t create joy? This story from the Dallas Morning News warmed my heart: a 92-year-old woman adopted the 76-year-old woman who she had raised as her daughter (they are cousins) in a Texas courtroom, where the judge replace the usual teddy bear gifts with elegant orchids to mark the occasion. Dallas Morning […]

Music To Their Ears: Former Warner Music Interns Settle Suit

Another settlement in the ongoing battle between employers and former interns who insist they should have been paid for their efforts: this time, Warner Music Group has agreed to pay more than $4.2 million to resolve a lawsuit. Said the company: “We continue to stand by our internship program as an invaluable educational experience for […]

Prom Paperwork?

The New York Times has unearthed what it claims is a mini-trend: vaguely worded and possibly unenforceable releases parents are asked to sign before prom parties. Hmmm. Pro tip #1: cross out the indemnification clause. Pro tip #2: how about talking to your teen instead of shouldering additional responsibility for their foolish behavior? Pro tip #3: as I […]

Divorce and Money Questions? Look No Further

Kudos to The Wall Street Journal and reporter Veronica Dagher for this nifty report on the six mistakes couples make when divorcing. It’s really a short and sweet version of the advice I offer in On Your Case (along with so much more; I promise the book is value-added!) Among her observations: make sure you […]