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A Legal Wedding Present For Sofia Vergara?

Actress Sofia Vergara tied the knot on November 22 in Palm Beach. But she may have received an early wedding gift last week from a California judge who ruled in a frozen embryo case that could influence her dispute with ex-boyfriend Nick Loeb, as I explain here:  

Borgata “Babes” Suffer Legal Setback

The Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa won a round in its long-running battle against cocktail waitresses contesting its strict personal appearance standards, which at one point included a rule that its so-called “babes” could not gain more than 7 percent of their original body weight without consequences. I wrote about this case in On Your […]

An International Custody Case Moves Abroad

While the Kelly Rutherford custody battle surely claims attention for her celebrity, it offers the non-famous important lessons in how to navigate international custody disputes. They are more common than you might imagine, as I write about here: And tell Savannah Guthrie and Willie Geist here:

An International Custody Nightmare

I take a closer look at the implications of international custody battles for When a celebrity fights for custody, it makes headlines, but actress Kelly Rutherford is not alone; these fights are on the rise as a consequence of a more mobile, global society. Few battles are tougher for parents and judges to figure […]

On TODAY, The Latest in an International Custody Battle

Spoke with Matt Lauer this morning about actress Kelly Rutherford’s international custody battle:

Cecil the lion, Walter Palmer and cyberbullying

Outrage over the death of Cecil the lion continues. Here, I take a look at some of the legal implications of the backlash against dentist Walter Palmer:

Sofia Vergara’s Embryo Dispute

My column on Embryo Wars takes on the Sofia Vergara dispute, and looks at three other cases where the women who (unlike Sofia) want to use frozen embryos made with their exes have something else in common. Also, expert advice about couples can avoid this most personal of problems.

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Happy Birthday, free at last?

In On Your Case, I noted that copyright  law makes commercial use of the song “Happy Birthday to You” a costly choice. That’s because music publisher Warner/Chappell, claiming copyright in the song, collects a reported $2 million in royalties from users who want the cheerful tune to grace their movie or television show. (The Hollywood […]

Embryo Wars: A New California Dispute

A divorced California couple is battling over the fate of their frozen embryos in court, the latest chapter in a long-running war that this time pits a cancer-stricken would-be mom against both her former husband and a document she signed agreeing to destroy the embryos if the couple split up. The Los Angeles Times outlines the […]