Vaccination: What’s the Law?

With measles anxiety on the rise nationwide, the anti-vaccination movement has been subjected to increased (and, to my mind, well-deserved) scrutiny. Where does the law stand about vaccines? According to the National Conference of State Legislatures, all fifty states require students to get vaccines. All of those states offer exemptions for medical reasons, and almost all […]

Supreme Same-Sex Marriage Showdown

The United States Supreme Court is likely to make civil rights history this spring, when it decides whether same sex couples have the right to marry across the United States. Currently, same sex marriage is permitted in 36 states; the other 14 states ban those marriages but those bans are under attack. Adam Liptak, who […]

Adults Can be Legally Responsible for Underage Drinking

Beware of the kids partying in your basement!  Adults can, and often are, held responsible for underage drinking that occurs on their property.  As I explain in On Your Case, twenty-eight states have a specific law, known as a social host law, allowing parents to be fined or ticketed if they allow a party to […]

Condé Nast Settles Intern Lawsuit For $5.85 Million

Federal courts have preliminarily approved another settlement on behalf of unpaid and underpaid interns, this time in the magazine world. Condé Nast will pay $5.85 million to approximately 7,500 interns who worked at such magazines as Vanity Fair, Vogue, and the New Yorker.  Each intern should receive between $700 and $1,900.  Last October, NBCUniversal also came to […]

Lisa and The Cycle discuss Serial

Were you as obsessed with the breakout podcast hit Serial as I was? The hosts of The Cycle and I shared our thoughts about the end of the series.

Prepared For The Police

I cannot overemphasize the importance of preparing your teens, and yourself, for potential run-ins with authorities. In On Your Case, we talk about the wisdom of identifying a criminal defense lawyer you can call if your teen gets in trouble. Now comes the New York Civil Liberties Union with a wonderful idea: basic legal education […]

Can Chimps Claim Legal Rights?

The animal legal rights movement is flourishing, and cases now explore issues way beyond the custody battles I discuss in On Your Case. The results don’t always please animal advocates. As an example, an appeals court in New York has stopped short of allowing a chimpanzee the legal rights of a person. An attorney from […]

Pregnancy Discrimination: The Supremes Hear Arguments, A Manager Wins A Record Settlement

Pregnant workers and their bosses listened up on December 3, when the United States Supreme Court heard arguments in a case about a U.P.S. worker’s rights under the Pregnancy Discrimination Act. (The driver, Peggy Young, sued when U.P.S. wouldn’t lighten her delivery load when she was pregnant.) However the Court decides, U.P.S. already has adjusted […]

Protecting Your Rights While Pregnant

Are you pregnant, and concerned about your rights at work? First: congratulations. Second: you have reason to pay attention. Recently, a pregnant woman in New York lost her job after telling her employer that her doctor said she shouldn’t work overtime – which suggests that workplace fairness for pregnant and parenting folks remains an open […]

Intern Pay Suit Yields Record Settlement

NBCUniversal has settled its lawsuit brought by former interns who claimed the company violated labor laws by denying them pay and other benefits.  $6.4 million will be paid to thousands of former interns of NBCUniversal, the largest settlement to former interns yet.  While a settlement means that lawsuit won’t set any legal precedent, we are […]